5 Hidden Features in MIUI 9 That You Need to Know

Hello MIUI Fans, Greetings from All About Xiaomi. How are you dears? Today I come to you for first article of MIUI Tricks Series. There are many amazing features in MIUI 9. Have you noticed all of the features? Today I will introduce you 5 must-know hidden features in MIUI 9. So, let’s find more about it.

5 Hidden Features in MIUI 9 That You Need to Know

1One-Time Data Limit in Portable Hotspot

Sharing means caring. But it’s become a curse to us when we share our mobile internet via Hotspot. Whenever we shared our mobile internet with our friend or family, we couldn’t limit the data volume. As a result, sometimes they consumed our whole data volume and even our Sim Card Balance. Previously there is no option to limit Portable Hotspot data volume. But in MIUI 9, Our Developer Team have introduced an option to One-time data limit in the portable hotspot. Open Portable Hotspot settings and there you will find One-time data limit which will help you to limit your data sharing volume. 5 Hidden Features in MIUI 9.

2Good Night Reading Mode

Reading Mode feature have introduced in MIUI 8 which helps us to protect our eyes. Previously we can use this feature either directly enabled it or set a custom schedule. But now in MIUI 9, there included Good Night Read which will automatically enable after sunset and disable after sunrise. Now you don’t need set a custom schedule. Open Display Setting & then got to Reading Mode, you will find the Good Night Read mode there.

3Sleep Mode

The battery is the most important part of our day to day mobile usage. People are always most worried about their phone battery backup. Our phones consumed maximum charges when we used our phone at a stretch. But if you observed in battery status, we must see that sometimes our phone consumed more charges while our phone remains idle. To reduced phone idle charge, Our Developer Team has introduced Sleep Mode feature in MIUI 9. Whenever MIUI detects that you’re sleeping, it will close background apps, restrict Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile Data and WLAN usage and won’t light up screen for notification which will apparently be reduced your phone idle charge. Go To Battery & Performance settings and then Scenes, you will find Sleep Mode features there.

4Button & Gesture Shortcut

Wanna set shortcuts in different keys i.e Navigation, Power and Volume Key? In MIUI 9, Button & Gesture Shortcut has introduced with many more functionalities. Now you can set many functions on your phone hardware key. Launch Camera, Take a Screenshot, Launch Voice Assistant, Turn off Screen, Turn on torch, Close current app, Open Split Scree, and many more option are available there and different hardware keys can be assigned to perform this operation. Go To Settings, then additional settings and you will find the Button & Gesture Shortcut settings there.

5Erase Tools in Gallery App

Nowadays, people love to take more and more picture on their phone. But sometimes many of our good photos go in vain due to surrounding obstacles. But no more worries now. In MIUI 9, Our developer team has introduced an excellent feature in Gallery App. Have you ever try it? Just open the gallery app and edit any of your photos, there you will find an interesting feature named Erase tools. Just drag on any obstacles in your photos and it will instantly remove that obstacle. Isn’t it awesome?



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