5 Must Know Trick to Reduce Data Usage on MIUI Devices

Hello Fellow MIUIers, Surfing too much on the internet or love to watch a lot of movies on Youtube? You don’t have to sacrifice the convenience of a connected smartphone just to save money on mobile data. Here are 5 tricls that’ll take you five minutes to do and can save you a ton of money each month. Let’s explore! 5 Must Know Trick to Reduce Data Usage on MIUI Devices.

5 Must Know Trick to Reduce Data Usage on MIUI Devices

1Diagnosing data usage:

You have to understand a problem before you can fix it – so start by heading into your system settings and looking for the section labeled ‘Data usage.’ In MIUI you will find the option in Security App under Data Usage option.

2Setting Data Usage Limit:

If you have limited data usage plan, you can set the monthly data usage limit to get prevented from being overcharged. You can simply do this from Security >> Data Usage >> Set data limit

3Restricting background data:

Some apps just spend too much data, even when the smartphone is not in use. It’s actually one of the greatest features on Android, as background data allows you to keep everything updated and monitored while you are off doing other things. The deal here is that not every app needs to stay active at all times. Go into Security >> Data Usage >> Background connection and select the app you want to restrict data for.

4Updating apps only via WiFi:

This one is a bit of an obvious one for many of us, but plenty of users out there continue updating their applications over cellular connections. This is OK if you choose to do it, but how many times have you noticed all your apps were auto-updated without your consent, spending all them precious GBs? Hopefully not too often, but if this is an issue, we can show you how to stop it from happening again. To do this you just need to head to the Settings of App Store or Google Play Store and then select the Auto-update apps button. Hit Auto-update apps over WiFi only.

5Keeping an eye on apps:

Use of data-hungry apps can seriously affect your data consumption while on your mobile network. You may not realize that Google Photos app might be syncing your photos in the background every time you click one. Social media apps like Facebook and Instagram consume a lot of data. Try to avoid watching videos and GIF’s in those apps. You can turn off/on data usage for every single app. In MIUI, this can be found under Security >> Data Usage >> Restrict data usage

Two Bonus Tips:

  • Download large files when you are on Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off mobile data when not required.


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