Hello Fellow MIUI Fans, You must have experienced the problem of games running slow on Android Phone. They also make other applications slow, and our Android Phone starts lagging. Several factors affect the Android Game lagging. In our today’s post, we will share tips on how to boost gaming performance on your device. All these methods will boost the speed of your Phone. And users can play games at much faster pace. It will also stop the problem of a heating Android phone and give stability to your Smartphone.

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1Enough space

Make sure your phone internal storage have enough space (20% or more space left) as android device may lag due to storage problems. A proper space is needed to run your games properly.

2Battery should be 70%+

Majority of don’t care and keep on playing a game till our Android Phone is switched off. But that is the most crucial point of our Android Phone. Make sure when you start playing games on your Android Phone. Then, the battery level should be minimum 70%. However, it won’t affect till 30%. It will make sure you consume fewer data and reduce the working quality of Android. So make sure you make it to a minimum of 70% as while playing battery drops like hell. So you have enough hours of playing Games on Android.

3Keep your phone updated

Always keep the operating system of your phone updated to the latest available version of the most recent releases consist of many bug fixes and improvements over the previous ones. They will enhance the performance of your smartphone a lot. To update your device, just go to Settings > About Device > System Updates.

4Use game speed booster

In security app of MIUI 10 you can find Game speed booster that comes with it by default in order to have better gaming experience. This will improve your device performance and graphics quality. Mostly, the boost apps have the magnificent feature of make changes temporarily, so when you stop playing your game all settings come back as default. So, these boost options will definitely help you improve your experience as a gamer.

5Clear your cache

Cache memory and cache data take a massive chunk of your both primary and secondary memories. They get stored up over time and consume a lot of space and memory making your device slow. So don’t forget to clean the cache data regularly from your device. You can do so by using the default MIUI security app.

6Turn off background services

Social media apps drain ram memory and battery of mobile devices when they act as background apps. The constant ping of apps like whatsapp, Facebook and email services make the processor work more than usual. Although smartphones are made to use considerably less battery and ram memory while using these kind of apps, they still do, so if you want to have an even better gaming experience you may want to disable the background services option.


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