Download MIUI Hidden Libs Version 2022

Although the MIUI is so complete, we cannot hide that it is sometimes difficult to find a feature within the settings. But on the other hand, it has to hang somewhere. However, there are third-party tools that can help us to filter the settings in some way in order to get to function more easily desired. One such tool is MIUI Hidden Libs, an application poco intrusive that, based on the MIUI version of our device, will tell us what functions we can access. Let’s see how it works.

With MIUI Hidden Libs you will have access to all the features of your Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO updated to MIUI. A truly TOP function!

Download MIUI Hidden Libs

Name MIUI Hidden Libs
Size4.5 MB
Download Link —>Download Here

Hidden Libs is downloadable through this GitHub link directly on our smartphone Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO. It is a lightweight and ad-free application. Basically, the tasks of this app are two:

  • Search all the functions of a version of the Xiaomi Android skin that we can activate
  • Activate the aforementioned functions without having to search through the smartphone Settings

Once the app is installed, open it (like any application downloaded from the web or the Google Play Store) and we will find ourselves in front of the first tab on the left. Here we will find all versions of MIUI “supported” by the application. Clearly, we will have to choose the one corresponding to ours.

Warning: do not choose MIUI 12.5 if our smartphone is not updated to this version! By doing so, once we choose a function, the app will crash as it will recognize that the actual skin is not the one we have chosen.

Once you have chosen the version of the interface, you will find it in front of the tab on the right. All supported functions will be present here.

Mind you: the functions we find here are not those supported FROM THE SMARTPHONE, but rather from the MIUI version that we have chosen. As proof of this, if we use a low-end smartphone we will find the option MEMC, for example, but by selecting it we will not be able to access the function as the device does not support this function.

Therefore, in case we open an option and it closes, it means this option is not available for our model. Xiaomi’s catalog of functions is immense and what we can activate will depend on the smartphone we have.

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