How to Enable Caller ID on Your MIUI Xiaomi Device

Dear Mi Fans, Welcome to All About Xiaomi! Today I will tell you what is Caller ID and how you can enable it on your MIUI Device.

If I’m to explain Caller ID in once statement, I would put it as plain test stating “an awesome MIUI feature designed to identify SMS messages received and classify them based on visual tags to make plain text look visually better”.  The term “Caller” may be in use to cater broader spectrum as-in to accommodate all the incoming under one banner.  Now by “tag’s typical means to classify the text messages from the sender and usually provided by users or network partners. To illustrate message from “Banks”, service providers such as “Telecom” or ecommerce sites such as “Amazon”, “Flipkart” and even more. No, this is not fancy feature by a critical module to help navigate to the text making it easily recognizable.

How to enable caller ID?

This feature is integrated along with the incoming call settings and would need one-time setup to active. Follow the procedural steps illustrated below to change the way your device.

Method 1: Go to Settings>>System Apps>> Call Settings>>Identify Unknown Number>>Toggle Caller ID and Voila!!

Method 2: Launch default Phone app on the phone via home screen >> Long press menu to trigger “Call Settings”>> Identify Unknown Number>>Toggle Caller ID and Voila!

How to Enable Caller ID on Your MIUI Xiaomi DeviceIf you could spare few minutes to read through the feature by tapping on the screen display “About this feature”.

Once enabled; the smart tagging feature identifies the caller or message sender and updates the sender blank icon with the sender logo by fitting it within the size to make the SMS view look cool!


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