How to Hide/Unhide Apps Icon on Poco Launcher

Hey Mi fans! Well interestingly if we recommend any third party launcher POCO serves your needs in today’s context . With perfectly designed and beautiful arrangements POCO launcher has many stuff which you can explore. Privacy is always our primary concern, keeping this to the topmost priority now you can hide you app icon easily inside your home screen in POCO launcher.

Download the POCO launcher if you haven’t!

How to hide apps icon?

1.First pinch two fingers simultaneously in the home screen Menu.
2. Tap on Settings Symbol.
3. Enable Hidden icon.

Note: You will ask to set the password if you are using POCO launcher for the first time, Set the password.

4. Now Swipe up to enter to your apps page.
5. Swipe two times towards right and select the apps which you want to hide.

6. Select the apps icon which you want to hide and tap on ✓ symbol on top right corner.

That’s it now your apps icon won’t be visible in your Home Screen.

How to Unhide the apps icon ?

1. To Unhide the apps icon follow the same procedure mentioned above, afterwards you just need to deselect the apps and tap on ✓ icon again.

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