How to Install Android Apps to Your Xiaomi Phone from PC Using ADB

Hi Mi Fans! There may be a situation where you are suffering for limited data and want to download your favorite apps. Or some of the apps which you don’t find in play store got the apk but of no use ? Here’s a simple and smart trick on how to install android apps to your xiaomi phone from pc using adb.


Now don’t waste your time and let’s start it without getting late!

How to Install Android Apps to Your Xiaomi Phone from PC Using ADB

1. Open and extract it to any folder in your PC.
2. Install the USB drivers (Skip if you already installed).

Important Notice :
If you have .apk files which have “spaces” in their names such as ‘Google Play Music.apk’, ‘Adobe Flash Player.apk’ etc. then you will have to rename them, as ADB cannot handle that. Either remove the spaces altogether, or replace them with underscores (eg. Google_Play_Music.apk).

Steps to Enable USB Debugging and Install via USB:
1. Open “Settings”.
2. Go to “About phone”.
3. Tap on “MIUI version” 6-7 times.

4. Now from “Settings” go to “Additional settings”.
5. Then go to “Developer options”.

6. Enable “USB Debugging” from here.
7. Tap on “OK”
8. Then turn on “Install via USB”

How to Install APK Using ADB:
1. Open the folder of ADB in your PC.
2. Click on the address/location bar as shown in the screenshot.
3. Type “CMD” and hit ENTER key from your keyboard.

4. Connect your Xiaomi phone to PC via original Mi USB Cable.
5. You will see that the system is starting the ADB daemon. If this is your first time running ADB, you will see a prompt on your phone asking you to authorize a connection with the computer. Grant it!
6. Now enter the following command in the command prompt window which will show the serial number of your device and status of connection.

adb devices

7. Execute the following command (without quotes) to install a specific apk file.

adb install -r “apk_file_location”

eg. for Mi Home APK from the file location of C:\Xiaomi\Mi_Home.apk

adb install -r c:\Xiaomi\Mi_Home.apk

8. After that you will see a prompt on your phone asking you to install this apk or not, just simply tap on “Install” tab.

9. After tapping on “Install” tab, you can see the status on your CMD window.

That’s all for today, see you again with another interesting tutorial. Hope you all like this post. If you have any queries, you can ask me in the comment section, I will try to answer them…


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