Hi Mi Fans, Many of you want to install Custom ROMs on your device, but stock recovery doesn’t allow it. To do that Custom Recovery is must need. In this post, I am going to tell you about How to Install TWRP Recovery (Team Win Recovery Project Custom Recovery) To Any Xiaomi/Redmi Device.

Let’s talk more about Stock Recovery and Custom Recovery

What is Stock Recovery?
The Recovery that comes with your Android Device from the manufacturer is called Stock Recovery. Stock recovery can be used to flash updates from a update.zip file, OTA Updates, for factory reset etc.

What is Custom Recovery?
From stock recovery, we cannot flash Custom ROMs, Modules etc. So for this, you need to flash custom recoveries like TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project), CWM (ClockworkMod), etc. Flashing custom recovery overwrites system recovery environment.

Hope you understand basic difference between Stock Recovery & Custom Recovery

What is TWRP Custom Recovery?
TWRP stands for TeamWin Recovery Project. It’s an open source software custom recovery for Android devices. It’s helpful to install third party firmware and backup your current system. It also supports the installation of custom ROMs, kernels, add-on e.g. Gapps and other mods. Using TWRP you can wipe, format, install or backup your system. There is a wide variety of custom recoveries are available but, TWRP Recoveries are most popular and is widely used.

Benefits of installing a custom recovery:

  • Ability to flash third-party custom ROMs.
  • Ability to take backup of your android device, so that you can completely restore your phone from backup if something went wrong.
  • Amazing and easy to use User Interface.
  • and Much More!

Installing Custom recovery won’t void the warranty
Take a complete backup before Flashing this.
I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD-Cards.
Try this at your own risk.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on any Xiaomi/Redmi Device


  • Your device. Ofcourse, it required xD.
  • Unlocked bootloader of your Xiaomi Device.
  • A PC or laptop.
  • Data Cable (USB Cable)

Follow the step by step guide to install TWRP Recovery on your Xiaomi device:
1) You Need to have an Unlocked Bootloader. If you haven’t already done then check out this thread for the detailed guide.

Learn how to unlock the Bootloader of your Mi Phone

2) Now Turn on USB Debugging. To do that:

Enable USB Debugging

Open settings- about phone- click 7 times on MIUI version to enable Developer options. (See image instructions).

Enable USB Debugging

Now again open settings -> Additional settings -> Developer options -> turn on Developer options and USB Debugging. (See image instructions).

3) Your phone needs to be recognized by your pc, if it’s not recognized please install Xiaomi USB drivers (usually included in Mi PC Suite http://pcsuite.mi.com).

4) Download your device TWRP file from here Official TWRP Recovery for all Xiaomi Device.

5) Download Android ADB and Fastboot from here and install it. Download ADB Installer 1.4.3.

6) Rename your twrp.img file to recovery.img and move it to ADB folder (usually in C: drive).

7) Boot your phone into fastboot mode pressing and holding volume down + power key.

8) Connect your Xiaomi phone to your PC with the USB cable.

9) Search for cmd in Windows search bar and right click on it = “Run as administrator”.

10) Type in the command prompt

cd C:\ADB

and press Enter, you will move to ADB folder (if installed in a different path please replace “C:\ADB” with your installation path, e.g. “C:\Program Files\ADB”).

11) Then type

fastboot devices

and press Enter just to be sure your device is correctly recognized.

12) Then type

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

and press Enter to flash the recovery (Warning: this is permanent and will replace your Mi Recovery).

OR for temporary TWRP type

fastboot boot recovery.img

and press Enter if you want to use the recovery without flashing it.

13) Now type

fastboot reboot

and press Enter to reboot your device after the flash is complete.

Install TWRP Recovery CMD

14) First time you boot in recovery you will be shown a TWRP screen asking to allow modifications to the system partition. Personally, I choose always Keep read only to have no issues with my ROM.

That’s All For Now, Thanks!!


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