15 thoughts on “How To Remove MI Account Forgotten Password

  1. Please send me about MI account remove information please my phone is locked how to get OTP and password remove method

  2. Hi I have a Mi3S we use as a second phone. one year later, it has been crashed by my son and now he didn’t remenber graphic pw, so I made a wipe data, but now I don’t have Password to unlock it. I follow your procedure but phone don’t allow me developer options. A message appear: “developer options are not available for this user”
    Could you help me please?

  3. I have redmi note 1s CT miui 9..already entering settings..developer options and usb debug on..but there’s no OEM UNLOCK..need help

    • To enable OEM Unlock you have to change the date and time to 10 to 20 days earlier. First go to date & time and disable automatic date & time and then set the date to about 10-20 days earlier.

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