How to Restore Accidentally Deleted Photos from MIUI Gallery Trash

Hello Mi Fans! I’m here with a new #TutorialForYou. Hope you all enjoyed my previous posts. So in this tutorial I’m going to discuss about how to restore accidentally deleted photos from MIUI Gallery by using Mi Cloud.

Many of users accidentally delete their some important pictures from MIUI Gallery. So, don’t you worry we have a solution to restore the deleted pictures.

Note: This method will work only for those pictures which are synced to Mi Cloud. If you haven’t enable MIUI Gallery backup yet, enable it to take the benefit of this feature.

Now don’t waste your time and let’s start it without getting late!

How to Restore Accidentally Deleted Photos from MIUI Gallery


  • Internet connection
  • Enabled auto Gallery backup
  • Your Mi Account

Step 1:

  1. Open Gallery
  2. Tap on “Albums”
  3. Tap on three dots located at the top of the right corner
  4. Go to “Trash bin”

Restore Deleted Images

Step 2:

  1. Now tap and hold to select your important photos which you want to recover (If you are asked to sign in your Mi Account, please sign in.)
  2. After selection of your all important photos, tap on recover button located at the bottom of the screen
  3. Now you will see the successful message on your screen
  4. After that tap on the cross tab which is located at the top of the left corner

Restore Deleted Images 2

This is the whole procedure. Now you can see the restored photos in your MIUI Gallery app.

That’s all for today, see you again with another interesting tutorial. Hope you all liked this post. If you have any queries, you can ask me in the comment section, I will try to answer them…


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