How to Turn on Performance Mode in MIUI Xiaomi Devices

Hello MIUIers, This is a short guide on how to bring back performance mode in MIUI Xiaomi Device !

In Balance mode, most of inactive apps gets disabled automatically and processor adjusts according to usage, while in Performance mode your processor gives the best of performance than in Balance mode! Performance mode gives you the full capacity of the processor but it drains battery faster.


Method 1: Using QuickShortcutMaker App

  • Download QuickShortcutMaker App
  • Open it
  • Find Settings which is in small
  • Tap on it
  • Find
  • Click on it and tap on Try
  • Wallah! Now you can select Performance Mode or Balanced Mode

Method 2: Using Security App

  • Open Security app
  • Tap on Battery
  • Battery profiles
  • Add profile (at the bottom)
  • Tap on CPU usage  and then select High performance
  • Now rename the Profile to High Performance or gaming or whatever
  • Now you can switch to that profile for Performance Mode

Method 3: Using Mi Verification App

Method 4: Using ADB (this is how a geek does it)

  • Get adb and fastboot drivers form here and install it on your PC
[su_button url=”” background=”#ff6600″ size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Download ADB[/su_button]
  • Make sure you install adb system wide
  • Now go to settings about phone -> tap five times on MIUI version to enable Developers Options
  • Go to Settings -> Additional Settings – Developer Options and then enable USB Debugging.
  • Connect your phone to PC and fire up CMD using Administrator Privilages.
  • now type adb devices and then you will see that adb will start a server and then your phone should show up
  • now type
am start -n
  • Now on the phone you will see a prompt for Balanced Mode or Performance Mode.
  • If you get error like root access not available or something like that then type
adb shell

before you type the command

  • I discovered this way by adb logcat. I observerd how Mi verification app calls for the Performace mode option and we invoke that using that command.


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