How To Update Firmware of Mi Router 3C

Hi Mi users, how have you been lately. Recently Xiaomi has announced new firmware update for Mi Router 3C for those who were facing connectivity issues on their router. Xiaomi engineers have identified what was causing the issue, and have immediately worked on a solution to fix this. So here is the tutorial on how to update firmware of Mi Router 3C.

How To Update Firmware of Mi Router 3C

Method 1: 

  • Open Mi Wi-Fi App
  • Go to Plug-ins tab
  • Select Settings
  • Make sure your region is set to “India”
  • Go back and select Hardware & system
  • Select Timezone settings
  • Select the first option “Select a time zone” and set it to “(UTC+5:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai”
  • Go back
  • Select Updates, you will see the update there. Tap on Update now button (New firmware – 2.8.50)
  • Once download finishes, the router will now reboot to update to latest firmware.

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Method 2:

If you are not able to update the app from Mi Wi-Fi App, then follow these below steps to update the app and firmware from Web Portal.

Open Browser and open
Log in with your Router admin password

After logging in successfully, follow the below steps as mentioned in the image
1. Select Settings
2. In Settings Tab, select “Status”
3. Press on “Update” button to download the latest firmware update

Press “OK” to confirm and download the update. Router will start updating the firmware. Once finished connected devices will be disconnected from the network while the router is updating. Keep router connecting to the power source during the update. This process will take 5-7mins to complete.

Now open Mi Wi-Fi app and check if you are able to see the connected devices, if you are still unable to see the connected devices, reset the Router once and pair it again with Mi Wi-Fi app. Everything would be back to normal again.


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