Hello Mi Fans! Xiaomi just released MIUI 10 and some devices already received MIUI 10 beta updates. MIUI 10 comes with so many features. One such feature users wanted to get their hands is Picture-in-Picture mode. Let us know how you can use this feature to multitask in better possible ways.

*Note: Android Oreo Required!

How to use Picture-in-Picture mode

  • Go to settings – Additional settings – Privacy
  • Open Picture-in-Picture
  • Enable for the app you want to use PIP
  • Check the app’s own setting to enable PIP mode (e.g. VLC – Preferences – BG/PIP mode – Play in PIP mode)
  • Open the app and press Physical Home button


  • Not all apps support PIP for now (App Developers need to add support for their app)
  • Also do check app’s own settings to activate it, as every app has different method to initiate for the features they support
  • For now, VLC, YouTube, Google Play Movies, Maps, Duo, Whatsapp & for Chrome PIP mode is working (Check FAQ)


YouTube app is not working in PIP mode, what to do?
YouTube app needs YouTube Red subscription in order to use PIP mode.

Google Maps aren’t working in PIP mode, why?
Turn on the navigation between two destinations and then press the Home key.

How to use PIP in VLC player?
Go to VLC – Preferences – BG/PIP mode – Play in PIP mode, and then press the Home key.

For me, PIP in chrome isn’t working on YouTube website?

  • Go to Chrome, open m.youtube.com
  • Press three dots menu – Request desktop site
  • Play the video in full screen
  • Press Home button, and it should work

How do I use it on WhatsApp?
You need to video call someone and while the call is in progress, press home button.

The list of apps given here is for reference and feature explanation only, if there are other apps which comes with PIP mode support then users will be able to use it.


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