How to Wipe Data On Any Xiaomi MIUI 9 / MIUI 8 Devices

Hello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. MIUI 9 is being popular day by day. Hope you are on MIUI 9 and enjoying MIUI 9 update. If you still on MIUI 8 then please update to MIUI 9 and feel the beauty of the design and experience new awesome features. Today we talk about how to wipe data & reset your MI Phone with Mi Recovery Which is inbuilt in our Xiaomi devices. However, many custom recovery available in the internet world like TWRP, CWM but our inbuilt Mi Recovery is enough to handle all tasks which are related to troubleshooting.

Note: You can also Hard Reset your Xiaomi device with the help of this trick.

What is Mi Recovery?

During the update, you notice a Mi recovery screen also appear in the Process. When an update comes in our Xiaomi Mobile Through OTA then firstly system download this update in internal storage then system ask for reboot after reboot, System goes in Mi Recovery where it makes a backup of current system status because if during the update, anything bad thing happens like battery removed or the wrong update or any other problem. So Mi Recovery first makes a way to handle this type of situations via creating a backup before any update. After this, image of Mi Recovery is clear in your mind.  Many services provided by Mi recovery like Wipe cache data clear process, Wipe Data & Reset option and update process. You can also update any newer version of MIUI via Mi Recovery.

How to Wipe Data On Any Xiaomi MIUI 9 / MIUI 8 Devices

Follow below steps to Wipe data and Reset your Xiaomi Mobile:

  1. Switch off your phone.
  2. Simultaneously press Volume up button + Power button
  3. A menu appears on the screen.
  4. If its in Chinese language then click on the last orange button in the right bottom corner to change it to English. (Check the video below for guidance)
  5. Then choose Recovery option.
  6. And Press OK blue button. You will enter Recovery Mode.
  7. Now choose Wipe Data option with the help of Volumn up & Down Button and Select with Power Button.
  8. Then again choose Wipe All Data. And Confirm.
  9. All Set, done. Reboot your Phone.

After following above steps you can easily hard reset your Xiaomi mobile.

If you are get Sign in to Xiaomi Account Screen then click on this link.



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