WiFi Speed Mode in MIUI: Prioritize your WiFi speed automatically

Hello Mi Fans, When things comes to a new MIUI update there is always a positive consequences with a beneficial add on features which is the best part. Considering these, there is one new add-on MIUI 10 i.e WiFi Speed Mode which is really handy when we are using our device.

We have experienced many things when we come across with connection speed. You all might have experienced the one sided mode say when you are downloading any stuff either using WiFi or Mobile data, its primary focus is always on the downloading first, which technically means we can’t change our primary preference. Now the solution is just an easy click away and it’s your preference which will play the role with WiFi Speed Mode.

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How to enable WiFi Speed Mode:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Wi-Fi”.
  • Then go to “Advanced settings”.

Enable WiFi Speed Mode

  • Now tap on “Wi-Fi speed mode”.
  • Tap on the toggle and enable it as shown in the screenshot.

Enable WiFi Speed Mode 2

Here you can see two options, one is “Regular mode” and another is “Extreme mode”.

Regular mode:
If you select regular mode then the total bandwidth of your WiFi connection will be shared between your background process and the app on the foreground.

Extreme mode:
By selecting Extreme mode, you can provide most of the bandwidth to the app in the foreground. Foreground Apps will get most of the internet connectivity and Speed. Background process might not be able to connect to the internet.

Now as per your preference select your option and enjoy!


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